Have you ever tried doing your eyeliner, but it just does not want to look decent? Or maybe you were trying to stop your concealer from creasing under your eyes? Makeup can get frustrating when you are trying to achieve a clean look. However, there are a few makeup hacks that allow you to take control over your look the way that you desire. 



Some makeup hacks to help you achieve a flawless look. 


Use tape as a guide for your eyeliner. 

Yes, you read that right. If you are constantly catching yourself struggling to apply a decent-looking eyeliner, this may be the hack for you.

Start by taking a small piece of tape and placing it in the corner of your eye. Be careful not to tape any of your eyelashes. Then, use this tape as a guide and draw a line connecting it to your eyelid. Take the tape off. And voila! You are left with a perfect line every time. 


Stop under eyes from creasing. 

If you want to avoid the look of excess lines and creasing underneath your eyes after you apply concealer, try doing this. Just use a translucent undereye powder right after you use it to blend the concealer. The powder will lock in the cream and also fill in any creasing almost instantly. This doubles as a way to make your concealer last a lot longer! 


Use gel on lashes 

Even after buying the most expensive mascara, your lashes do not hold the curl? Try using a hair gel on a clean mascara wand on your lashes before mascara. Then curl the lashes like usual and apply your regular mascara. You will see a significant difference. 



As reviewed, these are some of the top makeup hacks out there. They are simple yet effective ways to perfect your look without taking any makeup classes.